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The SS Glass Industries the house of Hardwyn offers a discrete variety of glass fitting necessities. Intrigued in the elegant harmony of modern traditionalism, this series is engrossed with the desired versatility of form, approach, sophistication, finish and an overall enduring delight. From its sleek patch and canopy fittings which enables the realization in toughened glass for almost any conceivable design, to knight head accessories, pull handles, mortise handles, point fixed architectural glass fittings & accessories, angular shower hinges, fin plates and spider fittings that make a statement on their own, keeping the sustainability quotient intact.

Glass has been one of the most captivating elements in the architectural sector. Possessing a unique nature to both secure and showcase the demand of glass as a structural material has increased in many folds in the architectural sector. Therefore, Hardwyn\'s in-depth knowledge of the distinctive properties of this fascinating building material, has led to the creation of some of the most compelling design concepts in glass fittings, making the living effortlessly pleasurable.

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